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Harvey is currently accepting work for:





Reach out below if you are interested in collaborating.

(Typical response time 2-3 business days)

Harvey Nissen (they/them)  is an experimental illustrator and graphic designer specializing in capturing the spirit of in-betweens, domestic beauty, and era intersections. Based in Los Angeles, Harvey is driven by a passion for creating visually provocative and expansive designs that resonate with their clients  - evoking a sincere emotional reaction that withstands the trends of attention economy. 

With a keen eye for contemporary aesthetics, Harvey thrives on collaborating with clients who are unafraid to push societal norms, embody authenticity, and attract engagement with similar values. Harvey is typically drawn to unexpected design - bold colors, handmade textures, and multiple styles coming together in harmony.

In addition to commercial projects, Harvey actively seeks out opportunities to collaborate with queer and youth-oriented organizations. Where unique and dynamic creative support can be offered, so can lived experience - as a non-binary creative, Harvey is always open to considering collaborators with values of inclusion.

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